Thursday, December 04, 2003

hey teacher: the final episode

Same friend, same student as past "hey teacher" episodes. Ah, the semester is coming to a close.

hey teacher!! sorry i was not in class, but i did put my work in your mailbox

on today. so i turned it in, its just in your box in the soc mailroom. sorry
for the inconvienience and i will be there overly prepared for the final on
next week. thanks for the entire semester, u have been great. c u next
week-p.s. i still cannot find that movie we watched in class-dad and poppa?
evrytime i go to get it, there is a problem. i guess i cant watch it for some
reason..o respond if i need to know something or need to do
anything else btween now wnd graduation on next sat!!!!! thanks again..

you already had the cookies, you FINALLY found the milk,...GOT JESUS???

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