Friday, December 19, 2003

as if further evidence was needed ellie buckley is awesome

Her picks this week in Rob's NFL pool were made using The Fortune Teller Miracle Fish!

Her strategies for the last ten weeks have also included "Flippa Coin," alphabetical by city name, alphabetical mascot, and scariest mascot (for Halloween week).

Update, 4:30 SAT: A reporter covering the Ellie Buckley beat for JFW e-mails to say: "I know Ellie will soon tell you how the Miracle Fish made picks, but you should be forewarned that the task took its toll. The first Miracle Fish died or at least exhausted all of her Miracle powers after just a couple of picks. Not to be dissuaded, Ellie purchased a 2nd Miracle Fish who held up much better, although the new fish seemed hesitant to pick a winner in the Dolphins game. (Ellie -- maybe the fish was trying to tell you to pick a tie in that match up?). Hopefully fish #2 will make it through her 2nd week of work next week." Note: If the Dolphins do tie this week, I will revise my entire metaphysical belief system.

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