Tuesday, April 20, 2004

still more mirah

"What are you listening to?"
"You have the strangest taste in music."
"What's strange about Pavement?"
"Them and that Mirah And The Weeds woman."
"What's wrong with Mirah?"
"Why were you afraid to talk to her?"
"How would I not be afraid to talk to someone whose famous and that I'm in love with?"
"Is she really hot? You said she was hot."
"I did not. I said she looked like a dissertator in library science, which could mean various things."
"Why would you want her to move into the RV with you if she wasn't hot?"
"Why does a woman have to be 'hot' for me to want her to move into the RV?"
"She doesn't. It just seems to work out that way."
"What is that even supposed to mean? And besides, when have you EVER heard me describe another human being as 'hot'?"
"I don't understand why you were afraid to talk to her if she wasn't hot."
"She's famous. She's awesome. Why isn't that enough?"
"It's not enough. And besides, you seem to be the only person who's heard of her."

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