Friday, April 30, 2004

reader poll: if there is a grade strike, what will the parents say?

I have talked to a few TAs who are as leery of the grade strike as I am. However, I also had a conversation earlier with a TA who was enthusiastic about it. I asked the person how they thought a grade strike would result in the TAA getting a better deal from the state. The primary scenario the person provided was that, if a grade strike began, parents would start calling university officials and state legislators and demand that they settle the strike.

I don't know what to think about the plausibility of this, so I decided to leave it up to readers. So, let's imagine: The TAs do not turn in grades. An irate parent from Appleton or Peshtigo or Shawno calls a state legislator. "My kid hasn't gotten her grades yet because her TAs haven't turned them in!" the parent says, angrily, "I think you should ____________ !"

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