Wednesday, April 14, 2004

mirah, mirah

As anticipated in a previous post, I went to see Mirah last night at this co-op. The venue was, indeed, a very large living room. Chairs and sofas had been pulled into a semi-circle, and the stage was a bare patch of floor illuminated by a ratty old floorlamp. It felt kinda like being in a big church basement and kinda like being in a small livestock pavilion. In terms of age, I had at least one and usually two or three presidential administrations on everyone else there.

After two crunchy local acts, Mirah's sister, a.k.a. "The Weeds" (it's just her), opened. Disadvantage of having your sister open for you: your music probably sounds too much alike than is advisable for adjacent acts. Advantage of having your sister open for you: she probably knows all your songs, and so if you forget a line, like Mirah did while doing "Murphy Bed," she can yell out the lyric for you.

Anyway, Mirah and her sister were both great.* If you saw Mirah in a coffeeshop or something, you would be sure she was a dissertator in library science that you'd seen around. Attendance was sparse; maybe 70 people, most of whom were apathetic-feral children of the cooperative living set, who were not adequately appreciative of the talent of either Mirah or Ms. Weeds. I stopped by the table and bought both The Weeds CD and Mirah's most recent CD. I could have bought these from Mirah herself, but then, paralyzed by trepidation and bashfulness, I bought them from the Weedy Sister instead. This caused me to doubt, for the first time ever, my many earlier confident pronouncements that Mirah and I would one day ended up falling in love and living together in the RV.

* Even though Mirah did not do her best song, "La Familia," from her K records debut, You Think It's Like This But It's Really Like This.

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