Sunday, April 11, 2004

emily's sassy lime

Emily asked me to post her rejoinder to my earlier reply to her attack from today. Actually, she said, "Post it, [expletive]!", but I presume [expletive] was referring to me. Anyway, since JFW is all about constructive dialogue directed toward personal growth, here it is, unedited and in its entirety (comments in italics):
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From: Emily
Sent: Sunday, April 11, 2004 5:41 PM
To: Jeremy
Subject: emily's sassy lime
my response to your blog attack on my person:
1.  you are right.  "I Palindrome I" is not a song full of palindromes. it

is not even exactly a song about things being the same front-wise and
back-ways. i don't know that i really know what the song IS about, but
that doesn't matter. i very much do know that palindromes are different
from "word palindromes" despite your implication that i am ignorant of
this. i was merely pointing out that, in dork circles at least, knowledge
of what a palindrome is certainly does not set one apart from the crowd.
knowing how much the "j" tile is worth in scrabble is also par for the
course. additionally, you have failed to notice that the palindrome "Egad,
a base tone denotes a bad age." is also sung in the background of this
This is not actually true. While it says this in the liner notes for the album, actually listening to the song makes plain that the words are "bass tone", which makes this not a palindrome at all, so I did not include it. I do agree with Emily that I have no idea what the song is about either.
2.  pointing out just how much you dislike your middle name will not

dissuade me from using it. you may find that that i use it more often.
i also feel compelled to point out that you TOLD me your middle name even
though you surely must have been aware that it is my very nature to attack
where you are most weak. i say that it is a testament to the tiny amount
of goodness that i do possess that i have not mentioned it before. i have
known your middle name for at least a year and have never told anyone.
now, however, i believe i will go to one of those websites where one can
rate professors and write a scathing criticism of the teaching stylings of
one jeremy jay freese!
I am all for this, as long as you let me know what site it is and offer your criticisms specifically of my graduate methods class. I will offer my own vicious and slanderous criticisms under assumed name(s), as part of a campaign to drive down enrollments for subsequent incarnations. I am sure others can be enlisted to join in the offensive.
3.  you are right again.  i misquoted the song in my email signature.

thank you for attacking when i am down, you [expletive]. i would like to note
that i have not had this email signature for "months". until some point
on march 29, 2003 it was:

It is important to expect nothing,
To take every experience,
Including the negative ones,
As merely steps on the path,
And to proceed.
___ Ram Dass, Spiritual Teacher
you already had the cookies, you FINALLY found 

the milk,...GOT JESUS???
so, thanks for pointing it out, jeremy.  now that the gloves are off and

you feel free to point out that people used to like me but no longer do,
looks like i am right back here on the path, but at least with jesus by
my side.
Well, um, I suppose this is an appropriate response, given the Easter holiday. Leave it to Emily to find the spiritual silver lining in any situation.
4.  [deleted by order of JFW legal staff]
Okay, so "unedited and in its entirety" except for this.
5.  yeah, dude, you are a big [expletive]ing dork.  i'm not saying that you

aren't. make a [expletive]ing sound file for your blog. i'm just saying that
your dorky-ness does not leave me impressed. if you think that this blog
makes you stand out among the dorky masses, you are vermicious knidding
No comment. I will leave who is knidding whom to the judgment of readers. Emily does earn extra JFW green stamps for putting a palindrome in her subject line.

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