Saturday, April 03, 2004

really! i'm serious this time!

Okay, remember that last year I tried the strategy of dieting and recording the progress of this diet on the weblog. Right now, I weigh almost exactly what I did when I started this dieting effort last year. I have recently had some friend's make supportive comments about the bodily status quo, including the generous remark: "Your obesity will not affect our friendship. It is of no concern to me how grossly obese you become."*

I am circling the airport of making another attempt and this, and I need to decide the particular dieting strategy to follow. I have been given several recent dietary recommendations. Let's make a list:

(A) Atkins diet, while remaining a pescatarian (someone who eats no meat other than seafood). The Atkins diet has been a dramatic success for a couple of my colleagues.

(B) South Beach diet, remaining pescatarian. The South Beach diet has been described to me as a more realistic and modest version of the Atkins diet.

(C) Some version of (A) and (B) where I go back to eating beef and chicken and pork with renewed vigor.

(D) The Cheese and Nut Diet, where I spend a month eating only cheese (any kind) and nuts (any kind) and vitamin pills (any kind).

(E) Some amorphous version of the "eat less and move more" philosophy once espoused as part of a millenial cult organized by Rosie O'Donnell.

Any ideas about the above options? Further recommendations? Please, let me know.

* Yes! A real, exact quotation. You know who you are.

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