Saturday, April 24, 2004

some of what you've been missing

I recently had an exchange with someone else with a weblog where I said that a downside of being a professor with a weblog is that probably 90% of the most interesting or amusing things that happen to one are actually off-limits for posting, for one reason or another, as are a comparable percentage of potential whimsical observations one could make about particular others.

This got me thinking, in the spirit of a never-commenced artistic project from a long-ago post, what have been the most compellingly/intriguingly bloggable bits of drama from the last few months that are not remotely eligible for actually presenting on my weblog. Of course, since I can't share them, I can't share them. But here are the titles of the Top 5 episodes that spring to mind:

1. "A shocking book recommendation."
2. "Even if they said it could be informal, your tenure memo CANNOT be written in Crayola."
3. "Great. Just what I needed. An assassin."
4. "You don't understand. LAWYERS are involved."
5. "I am neither chunky, nor a rabbit."

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