Tuesday, April 13, 2004

iTunes iNsomnia, another edition

Tonight, listening side-by-side to "Head On" by The Jesus & Mary Chain and then the cover of that same song by The Pixies, trying to decide which I like better. Being especially impressed that The Pixies took a song that was 4:09 in the J&MC rendition and did it in 2:14. And then comparing both songs to my recent traumatic experience downloading 50 Cent's P.I.M.P, and feeling like the world has definitely sailed away and left me on some cultural dock circa 1990.

Tomorrow night I am going to see Mirah, who is playing in the "ballroom-sized living room" of a residential co-op. Apparently she is playing this venue because it is all ages and she has a committment to playing only all ages venues (where she sings songs with lyrics like "tie me to the Murphy bed, let's do all the things you said"). I have to imagine that playing only all ages venues is about the last music cause I am in any mood to support, as I would already feel geriatric even if it was restricted to 21 and up. As someone pointed out to me, given that she's playing in a co-op, I will not only feel unusually old compared to those around me, but also unusually clean.

Being in a co-op will probably remind me of the month that Erin and I lived in a co-op while attending StatsCamp in Ann Arbor. Before we moved in, Erin had thought that her communitarian ideals would make her much more suited than me to handling co-operative living. From the first day, however, it was evident that my indifference to chaos and residential filth, especially in contrast to her persnicketiness, was going to make me much more contented resident.

(Although at least Erin found her brief and intense, if ultimately tragic, romance with RJ from the co-op. As long as I've been on a kick of nostalgia for things I wrote for parties in graduate school, I should see if I can find the ghost story I wrote about their doomed love for Erin's cemetery Hallowe'en party.)

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