Saturday, April 10, 2004

star 68

It's my mother's birthday today. I called her bright and early today. She had apparently forgotten all about it, or so she says.

Speaking of my mother's birthday and forgetting, it wasn't 'til I was typing up this post that I realized that I had forgotten about my maternal birthday ritual. When my mom turned 60, I think, I bought her a dozen roses. She was completely bowled over by this, because, she said, no one had ever bought her roses in her life (thanks, Dad). So now, I place my annual call to Judy at Clearwater Floral back in my hometown.

As I dialed, I worried that maybe, as my hometown withers away, the flower shop would be going out of business one of these years. Then I realized I needn't worry: when you have a town with a shockingly high average age, that means you have a lot of funerals, and, a lot of funerals, a lot of flowers.

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