Monday, April 12, 2004

frequently asked questions about jeremy, continued

Q: So it's 2AM again and you are up at your keyboard? Aren't you tired?

A: I'm exhausted. I can hardly type.

Q: So why aren't you asleep?

A: Tiredness and sleep have never been so nicely correlated for me as one might suppose.

Q: Does this mean you are going to be all self-pitying in your blog yet again? Or maybe you can resume the pomposity of your earlier exchanges about dorkiness.

A: Faux pomposity, don't take that seriously. Her e-mails made me wheeze with laughter, almost to the point of low-grade convulsions. Except do take seriously the thing about how the invocation of my middle name is not to be done without expecting a retaliatory response.

But, anyway, no whining tonight: instead, on the whole, I'm still just so pleased with how things have been so far in 2004. There is much to be grateful for. Indeed, I was going to write a "gratitude journal" post now, but I decided it would break my declared embargo against being effusive in any emotional direction online after midnight.

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