Tuesday, April 06, 2004

(i mean it!) this diet is on!

Forget those posts from however many months ago and the failed weight loss effort then. The current effort is centered around two things: (1) responsible eating for the final five weeks of this completely freakazoidic semester and (2) a conscious effort to have my body actually moving me from one place to another more, even if it is only walking and isn't anything anyone would really classify as exercise. Plus, the goal this time is really time (maknig it to the end of the semester, where we can reassess and go from there) rather than some specific weight target.

Wish me luck. History would suggest that I need it. Then again, if one pays too much attention to one's history then one never does anything. I will not be paralyzed by failed weight reduction projects past! More to the point, I will not be driven to the refrigerator or trodden down into a sedentary funk. I know of nothing that causes hope to swell so much as the first weeks of Spring's arrivial in Madison.

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