Thursday, April 01, 2004

students who complain about my classes: consider the alternatives

Various websites exist that collect and provide student evaluations of college instructors. Thanks to a reader from Upper Paleolithic, ID for alerting me to this set of comments on one site for a social science professor at a university dear to their heart:
For REAL, this professor should be disbarred. He once brought a bat to class and starting pacing up and down the aisle while we were taking the test!. Some guy starting crying and he held the bat over the guys head and said "you kids won't care until you see a musharoom CLOUD"!! I was like OH MY GOD! I think the guy even wet his pants. What the hell is a mushoroom cloud??

Oh my god! He showed us all these movies on Nuclear war, and these girls were cryin' during and he locked the door to the classroom. this other time he made this fat kid eat a snickers bar in front of class cause the wrapper made too much noise. WARNING: DO NOT TAKE THIS PROFESSOR, he should be taken out of [school] in a white coat!!!

I cant believe this guy... He screamed at the classes I showed up to and he read this kid's paper to the class and said, "It's a good paper, if you have [expletive] for brains" I went to his office hours to make up an exam and he said that I wasn't interupting him, but that everytime someone bother's him, it messes up his train of thought and he got real angry, bottom line: don't take this guy, he's really messed UP!

Okay this guy is totally nuts. I asked him about the exam and he screeched like a gremlin "[expletive] off". I couldn't believe it, it was awesome. One day, he stood up a classmate who said something dumb and wrote logical equations on his face with marker. He was laughing up a storm too... He would yell like a drill instructor during exams, he thought it was motivational or something he said. Also, sometimes he wouldn't come to class at all but leave a message about a present he left in a bag in the front of the class.] It was a bag of feces, that sick [expletive.*

On the first day of class he came in and put a paper bag down on the desk, when someone said something he said was unlogical or something, he lit a pack of matches and held it up near the bag and said, "You better shut up before I throw this flaming bag of dog[expletive] at you!"*
* Fine, but, what professor hasn't done this at least once? Let s/he without guilt cast the first flaming bag of dog[expletive].

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