Sunday, April 18, 2004

acquisitions update, long overdue

For those interested either in (a) my general goings-on or (b) casing the RV for a possible burglary, I was reminded that I promised to post a photo of the futon that I bought a couple months ago. So here it is. The futon fabric was called "Cha-Cha"; the pillows are "turquoise."

(BTW, I believe this is the first photograph I've posted that was taken inside the RV.)

Update, 12:15am: First comment received from a reader [from Austintacious, TX] regarding my futon: "that futon is totally butt [ugly], no offense." None taken. When it comes to my choice of furnishings, my-aesthetic-sense is proverbial rubber and the rest of the world is proverbial glue.

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