Tuesday, April 20, 2004

norma jay

The rumor in the hallways here is that the teaching assistant's union has voted to strike. While one may usually associate a strike with workers going off the job and then not coming back until an agreement is reached, word is that the teaching assistants will strike for two days sometime soon, and then they will go back to work but will withhold grades at the end of the semester. The University reportedly did partially cave in at the last minute and offer to commission a portrait of the union officers with Stevie Nicks, but this was too little, too late to prevent the strike vote from passing.

Anyway, this means that there will almost certainly be picket lines on one of the remaining days that I teach. I don't actually know for sure that there will be picket lines for the building where I teach, but presumably there will be. I have been told that if I hold the class at some alternative venue then striking students will show up for it (I mean, students on strike in my class will show up to attend it, not that striking students will follow my class to wherever it goes just to picket it specifically). I have not yet started making calls to investigate the possibility of alternative venues.

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