Tuesday, April 27, 2004

capital exercise

(my side-by-side desktop setup I had going in the RV this afternoon; the telephone book in the background is actually playing a central role to the configuration of machines, I'll leave it as a puzzle for technologically inclined readers to try to figure out what)

In a burst of physical fitness enthusiasm yesterday, I rode my bike to campus. And it only cost me $60. On my way to campus, I noted that the bike seemed like it really needed its spring tune-up, and so I dropped it with the the guys at Budget Bicycle Shop (suspected slogan: "All Employees Completely Stoned, All The Time, And Yet We Do Competent Work"). Expected cost: $45. Which meant I was going to have to find a way home. I could walk, I suppose, but that would require forlornly-sedentary me to allow my body to be possessed by some demon ambulatorily-motivated inhabiting-spirit.

Anyway, I decided that what I really needed to do, especially with the strike being imminent, was to move my work computer and flat-screen monitor to my home (as I've been doing so much more work at home and that computer was maybe 5x slower for using Stata with large datasets). So this required me to take a cab. Cost : $15.*

So this afternoon I had two of the five computers now sitting around the RV (three desktops, two laptops) actually hooked up and going, as I transferred files and such from one computer to the other. I'm not sure which computer I'm going to move back to my office, or what I'm going to do about a monitor up there. Maybe I'll just start using my laptop up there.

* The fare was actually $11, I tipped $4. I over-tip cab drivers, a holdover from whenever I would take cabs in grad school in Bloomington, where the cab drivers (there was only one company) worked mandatory 72 hour shifts each week (12 hour shifts with one day off) for minimum wage and time-and-a-half overtime. I always use Union Cab here in Madison, and even while the drivers are more handsomely paid, the tipping habit remains.

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