Tuesday, April 20, 2004

*** correction to earlier post ***

Apparently, there is a problem with the appearance of the recently posted photo of my new futon on some monitors. The futon cover in the photo is supposed to be yellow with little red, blue, green, and orange squares. Apparently, with some monitor/driver configurations, the cover instead appears to depict me satanically dismembering kittens or some similarly heinous act. Only for this reason can I imagine why my futon cover would provoke the virulent reaction from readers that it has.

It's a futon cover. For a futon that is in my home (RV) office. Some readers who have shared their disgust for the futon cover know my favorite color is yellow. They know I like bright colors in my workspace. They know that if you get tired of a futon cover you can buy another one for like $50, max.

Jesus Christ.

Regardless of whatever I may have said in the previous futon post about proverbial rubber and proverbial glue, I do not want to hear anything more about my futon cover selection. Any further correspondence on the matter will get you a one-quarter circle downgrade in hell (I have connections).

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