Sunday, January 18, 2004


Spent the evening at the home of some friends who have a 20-month old son. Three observations:

1. It would be wonderful to still have occasions where I had so much surplus energy that I could not sit still but instead would just sprint aimlessly in circles all around my living room for a half hour before being put in my pajamas and tucked into bed.

2. It's intriguing to imagine how the familial world would be different if babies and toddlers needed less sleep than adults rather than more. You know, so that parents would talk about how their child was up to sleeping 5 hours a night, etc.. Perhaps, I suppose, humans would not have evolved. Whew.

3. The Sippy Cup is really one of the most remarkable feats of plastics engineering ever. I had the chance to take one apart and appreciate the perfection and ingenuity of its design. I don't know the story of its history, but presumably there is a Mr./Ms. Sippy out there who is taking in billions of dollars, and I say every penny of it is deserved.

Update, next day: A premium subscriber from Louisville, KY writes in to note: "there's a whole "debate" out there about the developmental value of sippycups, just so you know."

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