Monday, January 19, 2004

(stats, not so boring) compositional measures of anguish

A reader from Upstate, NY has a friend who teaches the required statistics course for sociology majors and has students write a haiku on their final exams. Selected examples, in my own ascending order of preference.
One thousand dollars
That is what I owe my shrink
After taking stats

It’s time to move on
One day I’ll be a rock star
I pity the fool

Math, my enemy
I fought you all semester
I give up, you win.

Study all the time
Complete statistics exam
Tears fall on paper

Of statistics and my mind
And for what I ask?

Late night stats project
Regression hurts my poor soul
Why, powerpoint, why?

And statistics were never
Meant to be combined.

I would hate to think
That I could not count to
Five, seven, and five.

I want to cry now.
What is path analysis?
I still do not know.

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