Monday, January 12, 2004

slogan update

Thanks to readers for the various e-mails suggesting possibilities from my annual-rhyming-resolution-slogan. So many resolutions to choose from. (I'm not going to identify authors by hometowns because you know who you are. Thanks, all.)

I think of all the suggestions that I received, the one that seemed to misjudge me and my aspirations in life most dramatically was "Seduce Eeyore in 2004!"

The one that probably (regrettably) provides the most accurate prognostication of what will likely come to pass in the coming year was "Chocolate and Pepsi galore in 2004!"

A slogan suggested by one reader because I will be turning the same age (33) in 2004 as Christ when he died: "Befriend a whore in 2004!"

One wishful slogan that encouraged me to do more to find the collectivism in my profession that I have found thus far to be somewhat less common than I would like: "Esprit de corps in 2004!"

One slogan where I'm not sure the person who suggested it was really trying to provide an optimistic and uplifting scenario for the forthcoming year: "Die poor on a floor in Bangalore in 2004!" This slogan also had points deducted because I'm not entirely sure where Bangalore is (where in India, I mean).

The leaders so far, however, were judged on the basis of the rightness of their recommendations and zippiness of their rhymes. These are "Get yourself outdoors in 2004!" and the roman-tic "Be more lively in MMIV!"

Still time for other suggestions; just e-mail me.

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