Thursday, January 29, 2004

bane of my existence, #2 (a brief didactic on insomnia)

A reader from Darwinia, AZ writes in to say: "I was an insomniac too, but this semester I [have obligation #1] at 9am and [have obligation #2] on Fridays at 8am!"

There are two types of people who self-identify themselves as insomniacs.

Type A: The sort who would say, "I was an insomniac, but then I had [activity for which I had to get up early], so now I get to bed at a reasonable hour."

Type B: The sort who would say, "I am an insomniac, and it's gotten worse now that I have [activity for which I have to get up early]."

Type B people tend to be suspicious of the claim to the "insomniac" identity by Type A people. I am a Type B person.

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