Monday, January 19, 2004

hang in there. it could be worse. you could be joe.

(Joe, with one of his best friends)

From today's NYT:
"Tucked high up in the snow-swept Laramie Mountains sits a public school with just one student, Joe Kennedy, a seventh grader.


For a biology exercise last fall, Joe collected a horse hair and a fleck of manure from the ranch yard, and Mrs. Rodgers arranged a visit to Rock River so he could view them under a microscope.

One reason for making the trip, Mrs. Rodgers said, was to give Joe time with other students.

"So far my best friends are cows," he said, only half joking. On a visit to Rock River in his sixth-grade year, he said, he met a nice fifth-grade girl. He looked for her eagerly during his most recent visit to the school, but she was gone.

"I'm thinking she moved to Laramie," he said. "I was kind of hoping she wouldn't. I wish I had her phone number."

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