Friday, January 09, 2004

(sports) further evidence that trev alberts did not wear a thick enough helmet

From an column by the sportscaster, former Nebraska Cornhusker football star, and already-blogged-about wishful egomaniac Trev Alberts: "The Cornhuskers were never going to get the kind of athletes they needed -- especially at quarterback -- to compete in today's game running an offense that does not let the skill players shine." You might think from this that Nebraska has had a recent history of subpar quarterbacks, or maybe a recent history of good quarterbacks who were not able to gain national media exposure (i.e., "shine") because of the stifling Cornhusker system. Alternatively, one might remember that just two years ago Cornhusker quarterback Eric Crouch won the most famous individual honor in American sports, the Heisman Trophy.

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