Tuesday, January 06, 2004

all right, what the %$#*! kind of bug is this?

I'm serious. This is the second one of these critters I have found on the floor of the RV in the past two days. I'm sorry if it's a little smushed and may be a little blurry (if it is blurry, it's because it was still moving a little bit after I put him on the scanner). Is this a cockroach? I have never, ever had a cockroach in a place that I have lived. Ever, and I am not going to start with an infestation now. If this is a cockroach, I tell you, I have had it. Had it! I'll blow this popsicle stand, sell the RV, move north of the border, and become the best freaking barista that Starbucks Canada has ever seen.

Somebody with some entomological erudition e-mail me right away.

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