Monday, January 19, 2004

caucus report, #2: father apparently knows best

At least in terms of calling the Kerry victory. And he wasn't home when I talked to my mother, which means either there was indeed a basketball game for him to attend, or he has a secret double life. The latter would explain a lot, actually.

My mother and sister both called with dispatches from their respective caucuses. My sister was voted an alternate Kerry delegate for her county caucus. My mom said she was torn between Kerry and "little Edwards"--saying his name like he was a speedy bantam high school running back--but ended up going with Kerry because of experience. She hadn't heard the statewide results and was excited to hear that Kerry and, once again, "little Edwards" finished first and second. Her hope is that one of them will win the nomination and select the other as his running mate.

My mom also had this weird story about how some strangers (one of whom was wearing a Gephardt button) showed up to the caucus as observers and had this video camera that they were stealthfully panning around until the precinct captain went over and asked them to leave. My mom thought maybe Gephardt was recording the ideas people were saying at the caucus so he could sneakily insert them into his own platform to help against Kerry and, for a third time, "little Edwards." I told her that Gephardt was almost certainly going to drop out of the race within the next 24 hours, and she seemed to be comforted by this.

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