Thursday, January 15, 2004

(politics) today's winner for message title with multiple layers of irony probably unintended by the message's author

From an e-mail sent out by the Youth 4 Kucinich campaign:
Reality Check

5 Days until Iowa
13 Days until New Hampshire

Election season is officially underway. Every second is precious and we must, therefore, take our efforts and performance to a higher level. We know we have the potential to determine the outcome of this presidential campaign. But it’s going to take longer, harder hours, efficiency in targeting voters, and of course money.


1. Get Out the Vote

2. Help Fundraise

3. Plan Ahead
Out of deference to my good friend and Kucinich supporter from Beauxbaton (for that matter, I like Kucinich a lot, it's just that--alas--the American electorate would have to be shifted a full standard deviation to the left in order for him to capture the median American voter), I will refrain from making any of the multitude of snarky comments that could be made regarding Priority #3 above.

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