Sunday, January 11, 2004

more liszts

The lists of CDs-to-bring-on-a-year-stranded-on-a-desert-island keep pouring in. The most extensive list so far comes from a longtime reader in Gurlfrenn Dinico, MA, who offers two lists and an explanation:
not only would my music choices for the stranded-island game change considerably from one moment to the next, and that i had to choose from approximately 4000 CDs in my secret underground music vault, but i was also somewhat paralyzed by having to make arbitary decisions. all else equal, compilation albums have an unfair advantage over original studio albums. so i decided to make two lists featuring both types of albums. and, all else equal, double-length albums have an advantage over regular-length albums. so i decided to allow myself one double-length album for each list. also, knowing that i would have certain compilation albums on the island affected what original albums i would ultimately choose. finally, there are artists not even listed here that if i were to make my own mix CD and put an hour of my favorite music from that artist on that CD, then that CD would have a great chance of making it to this island instead of some of these others.

Here are my lists:

(6) Phish, Junta (Double-length)
(5) Freaktoastt J, Human Subjects
(4) Morrissey, Southpaw Grammar
(3) The Smiths, Meat is Murder
(2) Billy Joel , The Stranger [note from Jeremy: Billy Joel?]
(1) The Beatles, Abbey Road *The Greatest Album of All-Time*

(6) Mozart, The Great Piano Concertos: Vol.1 (Double-length)
(5) Frank Sinatra, Sinatra Reprise: The Very Good Years
(4) Steely Dan, A Decade of Steely Dan
(3) Freaktoastt J, Lollapaloeuvre + Secret Jam Sessions with Gordon Jump
(2) Morrissey, The Best of Morrissey
(1) The Smiths, Singles *The Greatest Single CD I Own*
An example of a more concise list comes to JFW from a reader in Screaming Trees, WA:
Here's my current list (your stated disclaimers apply):

Blue Man Group Audio
Freaktoastt J Fourteen Scatterplots* (adding "Heteroskedastic Heart" or "Control Alt Delete Can't Save Us Now" from Publishable Perishables)
James Laid (adding "Honest Joe" from Wah Wah)
Morphine Bootleg Detroit
Paul Simon Graceland (adding "Kodachrome," "Late In the Evening," and "Mrs. Robinson" from Concert in The Park)
U2 Achtung Baby (adding "Some Days are Better than Others" from Zooropa, "In a Little While" from ATYCLB, "Hawkmoon 269" from Rattle and Hum, "Where the Streets Have No Name" from The Joshua Tree, and "Bono Saves Christmas" from War)
Various Artists Singles Motion Picture Soundtrack
Various Artists Sweet Relief: A Benefit for Victoria Williams
Update, 9:30pm: A reader from Ewermentfer, ME writes:
I feel like I must weigh in on this, since the lists you've included thus far on your blog are blindingly white. My own:

5. Donny Hathaway, A Donny Hathaway Collection (it's a compilation - if that's illegal, I'd include Live instead)
4. Sly & the Family Stone, Stand! (with Hot Fun in the Summertime added)
3. Prince, Purple Rain (With Sometimes It Snows in April added)
2. Cassandra Wilson, New Moon Daughter
1. Stevie Wonder, Songs in the Key of Life (With Superstition from Talking Book added)

I am actually in physical pain about the albums that I have figuratively left behind. It's especially painful to not include Freaktoastt J, Hamster in a Wheel (adding "First Get Funny" from Chasing Lemmings).
*Update, 1:30 AM: The reader from Screaming Trees, WA wanted to add to her discussion of one of her selections: "Freaktoastt J, while himself as youthful as ever, is an inspiration for all aging innovators who may have thought they already passed their creative efflorescence. Fourteen Scatterplots extends beyond conventional parameters of time and space, meandering into the nth-dimension. Listeners embark on a journey ending right where they began! All the same, yet changed forever. Simultaneously rare, yet inducing deja vu... My friend Melinda was crazy about Freaktoastt J. She sent him letters almost every day. She gave him her heart. He sent her a deck of cards once. I remember it looked like he had thrown up on the seven of clubs."

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