Sunday, January 04, 2004

squeek? freak!

Recall from my recent "squeek" post that my friend "J." recently had a note slid under his door asking if he could switch the bedroom and office in his new apartment around because the notewriter said she could hear every time his bed squeaked as well as everything else that went on in there (leading J. to be relieved at how boring his life was). Recall also that J. initially thought the notewriter was the 45-year old woman who lives next door, but then he asked her if she had left a note under his door and she said no. So then he concluded that it must be the 75-year old woman who lived immediately below him.

However, J. recently showed the note to his landlord, who said he recognized the handwriting--it was not the 75-year old downstairs neighbor, but instead the woman who lives next door--the woman who said she didn't write the note when he asked her. What's up with that? So now J. is both thoroughly puzzled and somewhat freaked out.

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