Monday, January 19, 2004

caucus report

My father will not be attending the caucuses tonight, as it turns out, because he will be attending a high school basketball game in some distant city instead.* The web says the team he is going to see has a basketball game tomorrow night, and not tonight, but he insists the game is tonight.** Anyway, he says there is nothing to worry about, and that the family can "give him ten lashes" (in addition to the usual family flogging allotment) if "his man" doesn't win. His man is Kerry, which my mother took credit for talking him into. She said she would be for Edwards instead if he was more experienced. "He grew up poor," she said of Edwards, which carries big weight with all Freeses, your weblog author (I admit) included. My mother said she didn't know if Kerry grew up poor. I said I didn't know for sure, but that I figure if he had, Iowans would surely have been told about it.

*My father is kinda nutty for high school basketball.

**My father, pushing 70, may be getting kinda nutty in other ways, although perhaps it's one of those snow-day-make-up-games. We shall see.

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