Monday, January 05, 2004

ugh! another innovation for the weblog thwarted!

I've finally got the web browser on my new SmartPhone working. This means I can read my weblog on my cel phone. (I don't know if you can make out any of the text on the screen above; it's from the recent post searching for long lostBrian Dietz.) Of course, reading my weblog is perhaps the least possible useful web activity for me to be doing on my cel phone, since, by virtue of my writing the posts for the weblog (excepting the occasional entry by Rob or Dahlia), I already know what it says. What I was hoping to be able to do was actually write posts from my cel phone, so as to provide even better service for JFW readers by being able to issue reports from anywhere, anytime, in either audio or text form. Alas, the blogger interface apparently uses some JavaScript that causes my phone's browser to choke.

Or, maybe, I could use my phone to read other people's weblogs, but many other people's weblogs include all kinds of sidebars or frames or other things that also don't work very well on my phone's browser.

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