Monday, March 01, 2004

while u wait

My methods students have until midnight to e-mail me their weekly reaction papers. I'm expecting at least 25 papers--and probably closer to 30--this week, and yet, an hour and a half before the deadline, I only have 14. I bet I will get five in the ten minute period leading up to midnight--we'll see.

Anyway, in my massively multitasking way, I end up grading some of them immediately upon their arrival. I got one from a student just now at 10:13pm, and I realized as I was sending out my comments on it that it was only 10:18pm. What other faculty member out there is returning assignments to students with grades and comments in five minutes?

Update, 11:40pm: Twenty minutes to go and I still only have 17 papers. Are so many of them really going to cut it this close? Or are more going to opt out this week than I anticipated?

Update, 1:30am: Indeed, ten more papers came careening into my inbox.

Update, 2am: Done grading the reaction papers! If only the same could be said about tomorrow's lecture.

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