Sunday, March 07, 2004

weblogs JFW cannot compete with #3

Checking in once again at the weblog/conceptual-art-experiment of "Hot Abercrombie Chick!" (which I still suspect is the pseudonym for three guys who share a dorm room). "She" has posted the following e-mail "she" received:

This is a picture of me and my current girlfriend, but I'd be willing to substitute you for her. --Marc
But Marc is just one of the many contenders trying to electronically woo Hot Abercrombie Chick! While his is one approach to the HAC heart, a quick perusal of the Comments and Guestbook parts of her blog reveal several other tactics, almost all of which involve variations on the frequently-tried-and-sometimes-effective strategy of trying to win affection by providing an overwhelming onslaught of shock-and-awe-sucking-up:

Scotty: HAC is WAY too good to be true! That is the highest compliment a mere mortal such as myself can pay to an angel he doesn't even have the right to dream of.

Bengual: i would trade my soul for your love... amanda...i was listening to john mayer-your body is a wonderland and i remembered would be really nice if you post new pictures of you...i set your picture as desktop background which has made my life much more is like looking paradise from above...

Leon: hey baby, i gots some philosophy for ya: you put the karl in my marx. now lets get together and make sweet communist music.

Mark: Wow, beautiful intelligent females exist? I've been looking all my life just for someone remotely attractive and intelligent, who would of thought. Good luck on finding an equivilent [oof!: tip to mark: if you are going to try the beautiful-and-intelligent pitch, be sure you've got everything spelled right] guy. Im just glad because now...THERE IS HOPE, and they do exist!

Sean: Amanda... You're perfect looking. Love the way you dress, and I really like your smile. You may officially be the sexiest girl on the planet!

Jeremy (NO! Not me! This Jeremy lists his e-mail address as: Amanda, Wow, your site it fun to visit! Thanks for taking the time to keep it up. God Bless, Jeremy.

Bristow: Nice site, great topics and all of it from a very attractive person. Keep it up! You're a great role model!

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