Monday, March 22, 2004

fast times

Central observation from my juice fast: eating is way, way overrated. I have stuck with it, as something of a personal science experiment. No food in three days, and I can't say I feel any the worse for wear. I feel better than usual, probably. Like I never need to eat again. I think I was more consistently awake and alert all day than I usually am--can juice fasting do that? And I discovered that I could move small shiny objects using only the power of my mind. Again, should I chalk that up to the fast?

I did buy some protein powder to stir into my apple juice, if this is a fasting crime than please judge me guilty. Judge me a faux juice faster, I'm fine with that. But now that I'm getting protein, I figure I can do this forever if I wanted and as long as I stick with it I'll be basically immortal. Concerned readers, do not worry, I won't go overboard with this, but it has been an autophysiologically intriguing exercise.

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