Friday, March 19, 2004

signs of the apocalypse, continued

From Question: Considering that they had all the motorists in missouri to choose from, did they purposely find a guy whose last name sounds moderately salacious in its own right?
"The abundance of outdoor sex advertisements has caught the attention of Missouri legislators, who are aggressively trying to cut down on the signs.

Separate bills approved by the state House and Senate would ban most highway billboards for businesses where workers appear nude or where more than 10 percent of the store space is used to display pornography." [...]

Motorists traveling Missouri highways had mixed reactions to the legislation.

Jeff Trampleasure of Wentzville said the billboards made him dread the day he'll have to explain the sexy pitches to his children.

"I think it's trash," Trampleasure, 27, said.

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