Sunday, March 21, 2004

gandhi had it easy

On something that would be best described as a "lark," I have decided to fast this weekend. Really, truly. Nothing but fruit juice and water, although as much of either as I want. Fruit smoothies, also, allowed. As are vitamins and any other regularly-taken pills or medications.

A chocolate-malt-with-extra-malt from Michael's Frozen Custard, not allowed. Also: even if soda might be technically allowed under some fasting rules, I'm not having any soda.

No, this is not some dieting strategy, even though I am back at the weight I was when I declared myself to be on a diet a few months ago. I do need to get on that wagon, but this isn't part of that. Instead, I've heard various people talk about how people feel "healthier" and like they have gotten "toxins of modernity" out of their system, and I wanted to see for myself. That's me, always a scientist.

I don't think I've ever gone two days without eating anything before, not even back in the days of completely stupid and counterproductive dieting back in high school wrestling. So I was anticipating that this would be some difficult test of my ever-wimpy will.

But here it is, in the early afternoon of the second day, and I don't feel particularly hungry at all. I'm especially surprised that it has been so easy given that I am cooped up in the RV most of the weekend so it's not like I've been distracted by some large bustle of errands that would keep me from "remembering" that I haven't eaten. I'm confident I will indeed make it tomorrow morning without any problems. Of course, if I write a post tonight about how famished I am or how I just devoured a box of Ho-Hos, you'll know that I am now being naive.

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