Tuesday, March 02, 2004

bad teaching day. ugh.

Bad teaching day. Ugh.

Update, 6:15: A dear friend just called to check on me after reading this post, to make sure that I wasn't so distraught as to be crouched in a ball in my office wishing that the world would end. I appreciate the concern, but it's just a bad teaching day. That alone doesn't even make it a bad day, much less a really bad day. Keep in mind that I have a melodramatic streak.

Update, 7:30: Again, I'm making PowerPoint slides as penance for not explaining something as well as I could today. Here are new slides for the thing I got tangled up trying to explain -- the little-used but logically-revelatory regression discontinuity design.

Update, 7:45: All that said, my day does become somewhat worse with the news that Little Edwards will be dropping out. I knew it was going to happen, but still, as long as it wasn't over-over there was still rays of hope. Perhaps Kerry will show me to be wrong in all my various doubts about how well he will wear on the American public over the course of an 8 month general election campaign.

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