Thursday, March 18, 2004

acquisitions update

My couch and armchair arrived about 7:30 this morning. At first I was worried that Paprika Twill was more orange-y than what it had appeared on the website, but I've since moved toward the working hypothesis that this is largely a result of the lighting.

Most items I have ever purchased over, say, $500 have been electronic or have required assembly of some sort. In other words, every reasonably large capital purchase I have made included a manual, even for things whose use is completely straightforward. Why did I receive no "Operating Your New Sofa" or "JZK-857 Armchair User's Guide." Specifically with regard to the latter, is the proper installation of slipcovers supposed to be obvious? I was able to get the chair slipcover on, but it looks sort of wrinkled and frumpy.

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