Tuesday, March 23, 2004

more sunshine

There's a quote in Don Quixote, "I love you for your beauty; love me although I am ugly." One thing about Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind that's common to many movies about romantic relationships with a male protagonist: a much, much better job is done setting up why the male would be interested in the female than why the female would be interested in the male. Other than some people's belief that he bears an "eerie" resemblence to me in this film, the Jim Carrey character doesn't seem to have very much to offer to the Kate Winslet character. It's the classic boring/shy male fantasy: they meet when he retreats from a group and she goes off to start a conversation with him; later that day, she takes him along to do something adventurous (breaking into a beachhouse whose owners are out), he chickens out and retreats, and she ends up still going out with him anyway.

You would think that if they were going to steal aspects of my visage and manner, they could have written in some of my charm and bravura as well.

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