Wednesday, March 03, 2004

according to einstein, time is like a river. a river that my sister apparently dammed for a couple of years.

My brother and oldest sister were born 361 days apart. Last August, I went to St. Louis for my brother's 50th birthday party.* Today, I googled my sister because she was in a recent news story about some shady practices engaged in by her mortgage company.** The story came lists her as being 47 years old. I wish I understood Einstein's work on relativity better, as I wonder how my brother has aged faster than my sister. My dim recollection from pop science books that I've read is that my sister has to have spent a few years out in space moving at a speed closer to the speed of light than my however fast my brother was moving. If you know my sister, this is not particularly implausible.

* Yes, my brother is more than 17 years older than I am.

** It's an unfortunate story, so I'll refrain from linking to it out of a sense of familial discretion.

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