Sunday, March 21, 2004

the rob clark gets the worm watch: day 5

Rob e-mails: "After a decade or so of waking up somewhere between 10:00am-Noon, i've gotten up at 6:00am for five consecutive days and i've loved it! i feel so invigorated! i feel alive! the first time was an accident when amy woke me up. and ever since then it's been a golden experience. i don't much care for the 10:00pm bed time, though. i usually eat dinner at that time. amy thinks all this is a fad. i'm inclined to believe her..."

I have told Rob that we will keep track of his early rising streak here on the weblog. Meanwhile, on other resolution fronts, it's almost 6:30 here, and while I've had a few annoyances today, I have not responded to any by breaking my weekend fast. I have finished the half-gallon of apple juice I bought yesterday, and will move next to sitting by my machine with some lemonade.

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