Saturday, March 06, 2004

(overheard) talk about the passion, #4

So much grading!!! Does it ever end?
Yes, when you die. There is no grading in hell.
I'm going to hell? Now i am kind of sad. But is there really no grading? Cuz that might be worth it. Do you know what circle i am going to?
My guess is that you will be in Circle Five, which is the circle of the angry.
I don't get nearly as angry as i used to. When was the last time i cornered and attacked you?
Have you repented about your past anger? That's the important thing.
I guess i haven't repented. How does one do that? Do i need to accept [deity name deleted] in the throne of my heart, whatever that means?
Throne of your heart? Did you just make that up?
Maybe it is something that crazy souther baptists say. i probably have had more run-ins with them than you have.
Probably, given that you grew up souther than where I grew up.
I hate emoticons, but :P
Which do you hate more, emoticons made from ASCII characters or those little-yellow-prefabricated-face-emoticons?
Prefabricated faces. I feel them to be an insult to my very being.
Exactly! That's exactly right!
This conversation doesn't seem as funny now that you've blogged it.
I know, dialogue is always hit or miss. You'd be surprised, though, sometimes things that I think are kinda-funny-but-not-really other people find hilarious. Especially my French readers.

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