Sunday, March 21, 2004

separated at birth, #2

A friend from Waverly, IA, e-mails to jump on the bandwagon of the latest contender in the Jeremy Freese look-alike contest: "I decided Friday night, after viewing "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," that in the movie of my life, you would be played by Jim Carrey. Frankly, the similarities and likeness in this movie ("Eternal Sunshine…," not my movie; as far as I know, the movie of my life hasn't been released yet) was so eerie that at times I found it distracting."

This is the strongest statement ever recorded of someone saying that I looked like anyone famous. So now I have to see this movie. I got my friend's e-mail at 9:40, and I even looked to see if there was a 10pm showing of ESSM in Madison, but alas 9:45 was the latest.

On a different front: The weekend fast continues to go well as the evening comes to a close. No hunger. Some conversations this evening: (1) a friend who told me it wasn't really much of a fast if I was drinking juice; (2) a friend who told me drinking juice was like putting the worst poison in my body, although she then backed off when I posted doing a Diet Pepsi Twist fast instead; and (3) a friend who said that a fast was a "stupid" thing like the thing stars did to flush toxins out of their bodies--she knew it was either a colonoscopy, colostomy, or colonic, but couldn't remember which it was.

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