Thursday, March 25, 2004

meanwhile, rob revises his plan

Message from Rob to JFW yesterday (Wednesday) morning:
the 6:00am experiment is over. today i woke up at 7:00am. despite the
prime-ness of the number 7, we now think that 7:00am is the BEST time
possible for alarm-setting purposes. and were it not for the
overly-ambitious original 6:00am plan, this 7:00am plan would appear to be
quite the achievement for an aspiring rise-and-shiner. however, now it
just looks like i'm slacking, even though this new plan would still be a
wake-up time that gets me out of bed somewhere between 3-5 hours earlier
than what is normal for me.

nevertheless, today is DAY ONE of my new 7:00am plan. because this
requires an 11:00pm bedtime, i call it my 7/11 plan. forget about
previous announcements. this email represents the true ribbon-cutting of
my nocturnal transformation. it is my ceremonial key to the city of
slumber. and it is the champagne bottle that breaks against the side of
the ship whose maiden voyage i now embark...

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