Tuesday, March 02, 2004

(poetry) my gun is blue (or, you can have my rhymes when you pry these stanzas from my cold, dead fingers)

A friend and Alan Thicke mourner made a drive this weekend from Illinois and Indiana and back, and on the highway there were apparently several sets of four signs that together provided Burma-Shave-style ads touting the virtues of guns, guns, guns. She wrote down three examples for me:
sign #1: terrorists
sign #2: love gun control
sign #3: disarmed victims
sign #4: are their goal

sign #1: roses are red
sign #2: my gun is blue
sign #3: i am safe
sign #4: how about you?

sign #1: shooting sports
sign #2: are safe and fun
sign #3: there's no need
sign #4: to fear a gun

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