Monday, March 22, 2004


"I was talking to one of the guys at [place] and he said that once you turn 95 your cells don't age anymore and you basically just keep will just on living until something happens to you."*
"See, that's the amazing thing about you. You say these things in this way that gives zero indication as to whether this is something you are passing along because you think it is true, or whether you are passing it along because you think it is so amusingly off-base. It's like you could go either way, depending on what my reaction is."
"He said there was this guy at [place] who just died last year, and he was--"
"My God, you are doing it again, right now!"
"--a hundred and thirty four years old."
"Right there! That's exactly what you do. 'Does she really think there was really a guy who lived to 134 years old?** Or does she think it's funny that someone would try to tell her that they knew a guy who lived to be 134?' You can't tell."

* Keep in mind that of the few people who have reached 110 years old (mainly women), only 1 in 15 is alive to age 114, which would seem to suggest that their cells are indeed still aging, unless ages 110-114 are some pretty unlucky years.

** Yes, she said 134! This is almost 20 years older than the oldest living man recorded by Guinness, but then again Guinness has these oppressive requirements about "proof" before they will list someone as the oldest living person.

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