Tuesday, March 23, 2004

two more ways the weblog helps people

reader e-mail #1:
I was thinking about what you said concerning romantic movies with a male protagonist, and I think I finally figured out one big reason why I hate "Jerry Maguire" so much. I never could see why Renee Zellweger would just up and quit her job to follow and fall in love with Tom Cruise, who acts mainly like a moron/asshole throughout the movie. It's as if his Tom Cruiseness was supposed to be enough for us to get it.

This isn't the only reason why I hate it. Still, thanks to your blog post, it's finally all come together for me. I feel so much better about hating this movie now. Thanks!
reader e-mail #2:
I love that a mere two hours after you denounce food forever you cave in and eat some fruit. I also love that you blog about it so that all blog readers know about your weak resolve. I love the blog. It's very useful.

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