Monday, March 01, 2004

(timesuck) like diagnosing fish in a barrel

Click here for a link to a nicely organized hypertext version of the DSM-IV TR. Especially captivating to flip through the various diagnoses and to try to envision someone you know that seems to fit enough of the criteria to qualify for a particular diagnostic label. Especially gratifying to match diagnostic categories to people who, to the best of your knowledge, have no (or, at least in your own reckoning, seemingly not enough) actual contact with mental health service providers. Especially easy to play this game if you have gotten your Ph.D. and then became a faculty member in a place with a graduate program, as not only is academia a luminous beacon for the moths of psychpeculiarity, but also you have a large corpus of professors and graduate students from two different places with whom to find matches to maladies.

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