Tuesday, August 10, 2004

take your weblog to work week

I have had a bustling day of work so far today, and now I need to hunker down here in the RV and send out some e-mails. I'm not going to get through all of them today, or perhaps even today/tomorrow, esp. since many of them require me to do other work in order to be able to respond (which is why some of them have been sources of procrastination). And there's still the karaoke recap to do. I must get through them all (and then some) by the time I leave for ASA on Friday.

Anyway, as a motivational experiment, I've decided to allow the blogreading public to follow along with my progress as I work through this to-do list. I have no illusions about any one else being actually interested in my work progress, but I'm interested in whether making a blogpost project out of it will actually-and-counterintuitively make me more efficient at getting through the list. The list is below, organized alphabetically by mnemonic (I won't bore/interest you with any details). Check back to see how I'm doing.

ASR meeting
Claim Your Space
North by Northwest
Peg camera
RRR proofs
TESS/Devah questions
WLS spouses: why?
WLS: AA supplement
WLS: alcohol trajectories
WLS: alcohol help
WLS: day-of-week effects?


dorotha said...

i sincerely hope that what ever you've done to strike "Allen" off your list wasn't too violent.

jeremy said...

There is no time for niceties when one is getting through one's list.

Teddy Love said...

So why isn't "karaoke recap" on the list?? I mean, that night was pure karaoke magic. How can you NOT blog about it?? Is your career really more important than karaoke recapping?

In "oops, I did it again" news ... check this out http://teddyluv.blogspot.com/

jeremy said...

I just added you to my template, TL.