Friday, August 27, 2004

more sower

Apparently I have sown some confusion with my post about the Nebraska State Quarter Poll. A reader from Alliance, NE (home of Carhenge) states the problem: "jeremy, design number 9 is different from the picture you have posted on the blog. do you want votes for sower 1 or sower 9? i think 9 is definitely stranger and creepier than 1 so i will vote for that anyway. it looks like he has his [body part name deleted] in a knapsack and he's peeking at it..." Um, while I hadn't thought of that, I did think #9 was the more striking image, and it was an accident that I posted the picture for #1 instead. Design 9, decked out in Nebraska Cornhusker red, is above and is the designed officially endorsed by JFW.

Some readers have asked if they can get jobs working on the The Sower comic book. My associates say they are willing to accept auditions for the lettering job, but they specify that they want the lettering to be done in a hypermanly style, to go with the general Sower theme. As another example of this, for whatever reason, my associates think it would be cool if The Sower traveled to and fro his various adventures via the back of some giant magic flying creature, and so now the debate is which of the three finalists is the most manly: a giant flying manatee, a giant flying cricket with huge mandibles, or a giant flying elk with huge mantlers.

BTW, Ann links to my earlier post and brings Millet into the mix.

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