Thursday, August 26, 2004

other questions from karaoke night with answers unknown and/or unknowable

1. Why does the woman on the left have money stuck to her face?

2. Why does the woman on the right want to fight about it?

3. What's that pink thing on that one woman's wrist?

Oh, wait, other photographic evidence allows us to answer #3:


4. What exactly would Jerry and Nina do if they ever did get that hammer they keep singing about?

5. Has doing "The Robot" spread from people onstage to members of the audience?

6. More importantly, who invited Barbie?

7. And who talked her into doing "The Robot" too?

8. How does Jerry manage to be Ike and Tina at the same time?


dorotha said...

yes, i suppose i would much rather that joshie bought my affections than those of the unworthy mystery woman. do you have pictures of the her bloodied lip?

careyoke said...

What are you talking about? Who is the mystery woman with bloodied lip?